Friday 28 September 2018

My blog entry for Friday 28th September 2018

Stockton-on-Tees, Teesside – fair weather, clear skies and little wind

Don’t think I slept them terribly well last night; woke up this morning feeling rather headachey and dry eyes. Still managed to get up by about 08:05 which isn’t bad going. Had a relaxed morning mostly because I haven’t planned anything for the day other than packing a bag to go back to the caravan tonight and picking up my grandad to bring him round for tea tonight.

After I spent the morning watching TV (as I customarily do these days), I showered, dressed then returned to my phone and browsed Instagram; bad idea. I saw a few posts from people I knew back in Manchester which made me feel rather down about the fact that I’ve returned to Teesside to live with my parents as I deal with my Coeliac disease & returning to uni to study the LPC since I’m no longer involved in what’s going on; I suppose it’s to be expected that that will happen – people will continue with their lives even if you’re not their and have gone on to do other things – but it was ore the fact that after some of the things that had gone on and caused me hurt & the recompense that was severely lacking some people had been able to continue as if nothing had happened. Ho hum.

Discovered that Salt (the Christian equivalent of Tinder) was finally up yesterday, so I set up my profile, swiped a few times and discovered a match in Stockton. Fancy that. We’ll see how it goes (don’t expect I’ll keep you updated – it may not come to anything).

Now just finished tidying the kitchen, so will probably spend the afternoon watching House of Cards and putting ideas together for the Safguarding Children website that had previously been discussed (my group of churches has a committee that deals with advising individual churches in the group about safeguarding children in the church & best practices, but they’ve decided they need a website to assist them with doing this – I’ve ended up with the task of putting the thing together but have not been set a specific deadline, which is just great*).

Speak again soon.


* Please note the use of sarcasm

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