Saturday 24th November 2018

Stockton-on-Tees, Teesside – warmer than it has been, but still very cool, no wind

Been a funny fews days. Since my last entry on Tuesday, I’ve not done a huge amount (I feel, anyway). Wednesday felt like it was the most productive day this week, despite being the day I was out of the house the most; as promised on Tuesday, I went with M&G to Barnard Castle (it was market day) and we spent most of our time perusing the market stalls and wandering in and out of shops. Well, I didn’t really, I acted as the bag boy carrying things for M whilst she looked at what else she might buy that day. After lunch in one of our usual haunts in the town (Clarendon’s tea room), I went to the only branded coffee shop in the town (Costa, natch) and spent some time trying to read the November issue of Country Life magazine. However, I spent most of my time on my phone. Thankfully, this prompted me to try and give my alma mater a call to chase up a copy of my transcript. Amazingly, I got through to someone after two rings of the phone – I had previously attempted on numerous occasions to reach the relevant department by phone, but had been unsuccessful as it either went to voicemail after a few rings or went straight through – and resolved the matter very quickly, receiving another copy (for free no less) by email. Was rather pleased with that outcome.

There’s not much else to tell of recent events other than to mention my visit to Moortown (an area on the outskirts of Leeds) with A. to collect a  Commodore 64, matching monitor & accessories that he had agreed to purchase from a contact. It was an enjoyable trip out as A. & I hadn’t previously had much opportunity to chat on a one-to-one basis – it’s always enjoyable to have those sorts of chats with friends, it gives you a real chance to be honest & open with each other, good character building.

Spent most of Saturday morning watching Saturday Kitchen Live (as per usual) then went out with the ‘rents & G to the café at Wynyard Hall Walled Garden. Had a flat white and enjoyed a very nice gluten-free & dairy-free lemon drizzle cake. Shall have to visit there again soon. Discussed how we were going to decorate the house for Christmas, including convincing D. to go out for a small tree on an upcoming Saturday to go out by the front of the house to look especially festive (he as his usual bah-humbug self about the whole affair).



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