Saturday 8 September 2018

Nottingham City Centre, Nottinghamshire – overcast & cool with a smattering of rain drops, not enough to dampen the day though

Been a very chilled day so far. Having spent day yesterday with Z (I didn’t mention that I was staying with Z&L, did I?), today is going to be far more chilled out; I’m sat in Starbucks as a write, which I think should sum up how chilled I currently am.

I’m speaking at the family service tomorrow at the church in Nottingham, but I’ve yet to decide what it is that I’ll be speaking about. I could rehash a talk I’ve given before that focus on fish and how the fish in the Sea of Galilee were moved to caught in the disciples’ nets in a place where they had no reason to be. Perhaps I will go with that one.

Still wondering when I’m going to get my application for the January intake on the LPC at the Uni of Law done. I’ll make that my focus this next week. Well, that and helping F&N to make a claim for mis-sold PPI (how hard can that be?).

May share something else later today; stay posted* and we’ll see.


* Pun intended, tee hee

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