Sunday 28 April 2019

Yarm, Teesside/North Yorkshire – slightly cloudy, but sunny; slight breeze to keep things fresh

Bossed today. Not only was I up nice and early at 06:44 (specific, I know, but that’s what time I was up) and quickly had my shower & breakfast then spent most of the morning reading the FT Weekend edition. Spent quite a bit of time reading about Warren Buffett, which was insightful; an interesting man I should read more about. Then went out to Starbucks for coffee & to read my Bible before church – a very millennial Christian thing to do – before picking up A. to give her a lift to the hall (M&D are down in Nottingham this weekend, so was only me who could give her a lift).

After church (which was as could be expected), had lunch at home then came out to Yarm to do some work in the Caffé Nero on the high street (where I’m writing from now) but bought some things from the supermarket first – need to have something for lunch tomorrow. Prepped for Business Law & Practice tomorrow, but was then slightly annoyed when I realised that the prep for Dispute Resolution was to “word process” (I hadn’t realised this was a verb…) a draft witness statement based upon the facts supplied in the documents attached to the preparatory task. Bugger. Might attempt that later, though will be rather interesting to see how it goes…

Went to G. & A.’s wedding on Thursday, which was very pleasant though incredibly tiring (no surprise there, standing for most of the day as had responsibilities as a groomsman etc). Drove back home at night as I wanted to wake up in my own home rather than at G’s; I do enjoy staying with G., but when you have preparation for uni to be getting on with, it can feel like a bit of waste of time.

Anyway, looking forward to the week ahead, especially after such an enjoyable day today; I do hope M&D go away again for a weekend sometime soon.


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