Tuesday 11 September 2018

Stockton-on-Tees, Teesside  – cool weather, rather windy

Day started well, but has gone downhill rapidly; will come to that shortly. Also need to catch up with what I’ve done over the last two days; will come to that afterwards.

So, today started early; I had to take A over to Middlesbrough for his eye test, so I ended up parking in the Sainsbury’s car park, buying 16 pints of milk and waiting in the café for him to return. The early start didn’t do me any good, as I don’t think I slept as well as I could’ve done. Maybe it was because I left the window open through the night and I was a little too cold? Will try tonight with the window closed – a nice little experiment. Once I had dropped him off at G’s, I came home and checked my email to discover that I’d received the report from the check-out inspection from my old house. Turns out it wasn’t as clean as it ought to have been (no surprise there) and there was some “missing” furniture (this being the furniture that the landlord had agreed to remove so I could fit my own furniture in the room – the landlord even needed to be chased to come and take the bloomin’ stuff away once I’d dismantled it). Anyway, ended up having a conversation with the letting agency about this and they said they’d look into it and advise the landlord of what I said. Something tells me that this story is just beginning to unfold…

Turning to more positive topics, the weekend was thoroughly enjoyable. After church in the morning, I went with Z&L to Z’s parents, S&C, for lunch. Turns out that S recently bought a brand new gas barbecue in the summer sales, so BBQ for lunch it was! A&S came round also & S’s parents, M&J, we also there. Numerous conversations about gardening & veg growing were had (not surprising given company who were there) and I got to watch the England v India test match (good thing S&C have Sky Sports).

Monday’s entry to follow.


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