Tuesday 16th October 2018

Stockton-on-Tees, Teesside — cold, a little breeze in the air

It turns out that having coeliac disease that goes untreated can lead to not only unmerited tiredness but also brain fog – that explains a lot! For about the past 18 months, I’ve continuously struggled to get my thought processes to function in the way that they have done previously. I can recall having a very effective mind back at university, particularly in my second & third years (else how could I have been as successful at uni in both my degree & managing the student radio station). Here’s hoping that once I’ve got my diagnosis confirmed by the hospital and I change my diet to exclude gluten I should feel much more like my old self.

Moving on from that rather depressing note, I’ve been down to Oxford last week to collect an Amstrad CPC 464 that I bought on eBay; it has a broken x-key on the keyboard and the cassette deck appears to struggle playing some cassette tapes, but these should be easily repairable. The aim is that once I repair these issues (with help from a friend – thanks Adam!) and have had a bit of fun with it, I’ll resell it and hopefully at a profit. It could be one of my hair-brained schemes that will actually pay off!

When I went down to Oxford, I ended up staying with a friend in Swindon; he recently bought his first house and has a second room that I was able to stay in. The funny thing is, it forced me to consider how I manage my own finances and that I ought to begin properly planning my spending for the future. If I had a choice between a nice, fast car – something like a VW Golf R or a Ford Focus RS wold be nice – or my own house, I’d go for the latter every time (although I would very much like to have the former also). It’s been difficult to get used to the fact that I’m not earning money every month now and therefore have pretty much nothing to spend. As someone who likes to go out and about and drink plenty of coffee (i.e. a strong indicator of little financial discipline *eyeroll*), this has been something of a blow. I really need to reign in my spending…

Getting quite excited for going to Northern Ireland at the end of the month; I get the ferry from Birkenhead to Belfast on 31st October and I’m there for a little under a week. A friend from Nor’n Ir’n’ (pronounced “norn iron“) turns 21 and I’ve been invited along as I’m over at that time, though I suspect I’ll be the only Englishman there. Will be good fun going to Bushmills Distillery (which I still need to book) and to County Fermanagh; once I’ve been there, I’ll have been to all six counties of Northern Ireland – woohoo!

Anyway, need to sign off and get on with my day.


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