Tuesday 20th November 2018

Stockton-on-Tees, Teesside – strong winds, heavy showers, cold

So it’s been a while since I’ve written anything here on my blog. It’s been a rather hectic month since I last blogged anything. I’ll try to catch you up.

My project of buying vintage PCs to repair & resell has gone well so far; I’ve made a total profit of £10.99 from selling one item (a Phonemark Datasette Player) and bought another 3-4 Amstrad CPC 464’s & two compatible monotone monitors. So far little profit, but all the PCs (including a Commodore 64C) have worked fine and jus required cleaning up. Here’s hoping I make plenty of profit to justify the project & purchase of tools etc.

I’ve also been over to Northern Ireland; I did this at the beginning of the month to attend a church fellowship weekend in County Down, not desperately far from the UK-Irish border. I went over on the ferry from Birkenhead on the Wednesday to stay with a friend and go sightseeing – I drove all the way from Belfast to Sligo in the Republic with a friend to ultimately stay for only 30 minutes for a coffee as we had to drive back almost straightaway to be back in time for another friend’s birthday party – and to enjoy time with friends in the city. I also picked up some stuff from V. (my brother’s girlfriend) who’s completing her final year of uni at QUB to bring back in the ferry. I should add that whilst my 8 hour ferry there was tolerable as it was during the day my 8-and-a-half hour journey back was overnight and I didn’t pay £80 for a cabin so had to spend the night sleeping watching films in the bar. Never doing that again…

Now to more recent events:

My grandma has come to stay with us for a little over a week, which has been enjoyable thus far. The plan is for my grandma, M. & I to visit Barnard Castle tomorrow (ie market day), but we’re unsure as to what the weather will be like. If it turns out to be wet & windy, I shall suggest I stay in Costa Coffee whilst they wander around the shops in the town.

Also (and perhaps more importantly), I’ve had it confirmed that I have coeliac disease. I had an endoscopy (which want fun) to confirm this, so I can no longer eat any gluten. This is easier said than done as most food is made with wheat, barley or rye (the grains that contain gluten proteins) in some form, usually wheat flour used as a constituent ingredient or as a thickening agent of some sort. Thankfully, being at home means I can share M’s supply of gluten free biscuits & cakes and she can make me gluten free pasta dishes too. However, I’ve been told it will be quite some time before I begin to fully feel like my old self (approximately 6 months, apparently).

That’s all for now. Behave yourselves, children.


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