Tuesday 2nd October 2018

Stockton-on-Tees, Teesside – cool, rather windy

Didn’t sleep well again last night (why am I always blogging on days when I’ve not slept well?); spent more of the morning vegetating in front on the TV than I liked.

Later in the morning, I went to my grandad’s house and helped him with a few tasks in the garden; he needed a few climbing roses tying into archways and an obelisk. I managed not to catch my fingers on too many prickles, but caught by lower back on one as I stepped out of the rose bed – perhaps that a sign that I should make some effort to lose the back-fat… We went out for lunch at a local garden centre (which, in my 82-year-old grandad’s words, was “heaving with geriatrics”) which was rather enjoyable. After he bought some narcissus and tulip bulbs, I dropped him off and came home again to find that I suddenly had no energy; this may have been because of my poor nights’ sleep or it could have simply been because it was two o’clock in the afternoon, so I had my third coffee of the day.

I spent quite a while my laptop before I did some meditation for 10 minutes using the Headspace app on my phone. I haven’t properly meditated in a while, so it wasn’t as effective as it has previously been.

Spent the rest of the day planning out my time for tomorrow. Not much else to say I think.


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