Wednesday 17th October 2018

Starbucks, Portrack Lane, Stockton-on-Tees – moderate weather, fairly clear skies

Been a funny sort of day. Woke up feeling rough but improved after my first espresso of the day. About 4 cups of coffee later, I’m mid-afternoon in Starbucks what will be number 5 (and the last) coffee of the day accompanied by a cinnamon swirl (not warmed). I needed to get out of the house, as I’ve tried to do various tasks today, with not a huge amount of success. I think this is down to my brain fog limiting my ability to focus (see my entry from yesterday), therefore I’m more easily distracted than I used to be. It doesn’t help that every time I fire up my MacBook I follow the same routine – open up Google Chrome and navigate to Facebook, open my email and check all the pointless newsletters & marketing I’ve signed up to and find only 1 in 3,000 useful – and as someone who relies heavily on routine, this something I need to change.

It’s made worse by days, such as yesterday, where I feel ill because I’ve eaten the wrong thing the day before and I pay the price. Once I’ve got my coeliac disease sorted, that’ll be great. Turns out my endoscopy appointment is on the afternoon of the Friday I’m supposed to be going down to Loughborough for a church weekend event where they’re relying on me to play in (and lead) the praise band. Shall have to see how that works out, as I shan’t be able to drive if I have an anaesthetic to dope me up but I will if I just have an numbing spray in the back of the throat.

Hoping to go to A’s tomorrow night to sort work on my newly-purchased Amstrad CPC 464 that requires some repair. I also collected my Commodore 64 from the collection centre yesterday, but got caught out by D arriving home from work early; this wouldn’t have been a problem had he and M not given me a stern talking-to about money the night before. Managed to get away with it as I explained I’d already purchased this before I bought the Amstrad, so it wasn’t as if I’d spent any more money than I already had (very circular logic, I know, but it’s the only way I could explain it). Ah well.

Plan for tomorrow is to mow the lawn, call the support centre to sort out M&D’s TV (M can’t get BBC iPlayer to work on it at the moment), plus a few other bits and bobs.

That’s all for now.


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